Get Paid To Click Ads Free: Best PTC Sites 2017

These are the Best PTC Sites of 2017 who are well known for their stability, reliability and profitability. There so many Scam PTC Sites out there so we only recommend to join these Legit Paid To Click Sites who have passed the test of time.

I did not include some stable and popular PTC sites here because they were linked to scam sites in the past and had issues paying their members. Only the Best PTC Sites can be seen on this page.

These websites have their own good qualities and strength. Some are paying high click rate, some with good affiliate programs, few have affordable advertising package and some have no minimum payout. Though these sites are different with each other, they have one thing in common which is.. “They Pay!”.

1. CLIXSENSETop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +9 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.04
US and Top Tier Countries: +/- $1 per day!
Click rate: $0.001 – $0.01
Stability: 9 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 40 Cashout Threshold: $8
Affiliate Program: 5 / 5 Excellent

ClixSense is one of the Most Reliable and Most Trusted PTC sites who passed the test of time. It has been online for more than 9 years, and it’s getting stronger by the day. ClixSense never missed to pay a single member so you can put your mind at ease that this PTC titan will give you an opportunity to earn money and pay you without hesitation.

ClixSense members from the United States and top tier countries like United Kingdom, Canada and Australia have an estimated earnings of $1 per day from PTC ads while they can make money taking surveys roughly $20 per week. In addition, they are getting more surveys and tasks than most members. In short, they can make more money from ClixSense than the others.

This makes sense since most marketers are targeting those people from those top tier countries because they are proven and tested to generate leads and convert sales. For those who are not in a top tier country, do not be disheartened, there are other ways to earn decent money from ClixSense so Cheer up 🙂

Other ways to earn money from them are by Completing Offers, Doing tasks, Playing Grid Games, Answering Surveys and Referring members.

Make Money Taking Surveys, Doing Tasks and Clicking Ads will let you earn a few bucks a day but their Referral programs like their 8-Level Affiliate Program can provide passive income. Check our Full ClixSense Review 2016  to learn more about it.

Their 8-Level Affiliate Program gives everyone an opportunity to have passive income online, all you need to do is to upgrade your membership for $17 (which is very cheap compare to other PTC sites) and refer few of your friends.

You can get $2 commission from your direct referrals if they upgraded their membership, and $1 commission from the succeeding levels up to tier 8.

Let me show you an example so everyone will have a better view of what I’m trying to say. Let’s say that we’re living in a perfect world and you managed to refer 3 of your closest friends. Each one of them manage to do the same and so on and so forth until everyone under you managed to refer 3 persons each with upgraded membership. Here’s how it looks like.

Level # of Referrals Commission (per year)
Direct referral 3 $6
tier 2 9 $9
tier 3 27 $27
tier 4 81 $81
tier 5 243 $243
tier 6 729 $729
tier 7 2,187 $2,187
tier 8 6,561 $6,561
Total earnings = $9,843

Cool right!?

There’s a chance that you can make $9,843 in a year by referring 3 persons and you will get the same commission every time your referrals renew their premium membership (annual renewal).

It only means that you can have a passive income from ClixSense because everyone needs to renew their membership every year, and it will continue to grow as you recruit more members. It’s an MLM program which grows as you build your downline.

But don’t jump into conclusion that this is an easy thing to accomplish. We’re not living in a perfect world so not everyone will join when we ask them to. Though it’s possible, it will take some time for us to achieve this numbers and it needs A Lot of Work.

2. NEOBUXTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +8 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03 Click rate: $0.001 – $0.01
Stability: 8 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 30 Cashout Threshold: $2 >> $10
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Just like ClixSense, Neobux is one of the Best PTC Sites that really pay, and for some it is the King of PTC. It has been Paying for over 8 years without an issue. In addition, their paying all of their members instantly, a sign that a PTC site is stable. Neobux is definitely one of the Top PTC Sites out there.

There are several ways to make money from Neobux, but my favorite program is their Mini job. You can earn faster by doing tasks rather than clicking ads. It could take you a whole month to make $1 from clicking ads while it can be made in less than a week from doing mini jobs. Doing tasks is time consuming but once you get used to it, it will be a lot easier and faster.

There are at least 30 ads available from Neobux everyday and most of them are worth $0.001 which means you can make at least $0.90 in a month. While tasks are not always available, they pay better. Completing tasks with good accuracy will raise your rank one notch, and as your rank goes higher more tasks will be available for you with higher values.

If you want to maximize your profit from Neobux, start with this simple strategy:

  1. Upgrade your account to Golden membership ($90)
  2. Rent 100 referrals ($20)
    • Do not rent too many referrals, it will be hard to maintain all of them at once.
  3. Renew them for 240 days ($160 $112)
  4. Once you earn $132 from your RR , rent another 100 set of referrals and renew them for 240 days.
  5. Stop renting once you have 750 referrals (Continuous renting may lower down your profit due to higher renewal fees).

This is an easy strategy to make money from Neobux but you need to invest at least $222 to get started with it.

There are definitely ways to make passive income from Neobux but there are also things to avoid to prevent losing money.
Check this Neobux Guide to avoid common pitfalls of most Neobux members and ensure maximum profit.

3. BUXPTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +7 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.03 Click rate: $0.001 – $0.005
Stability: 8.5 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 30 Cashout Threshold: $7
Affiliate Program: 4 / 5 Above Average

BuxP is one of the most stable PTC sites today, it’s only slightly behind ClixSense when it comes to business stability. They have several programs where you can earn money from, like viewing videos from Youtube and Vimeo, viewing ads, doing tasks, browsing offer walls and their affiliate programs. However, it’s hard to earn decent money from BuxP if you don’t have direct referrals. It took me a month before earning a dollar from viewing ads, and roughly another dollar from doing tasks.

Buxp also has unlimited referral program, which means you can refer as many members as you can. Though you can buy referrals from BuxP, we don’t recommend it due to inactivity issues. You can upgrade your membership to help you earn faster, this will double your commission from your referrals. And as a premium member, you will have the benefit of replacing inactive referrals for free (limited). The only good thing about buying referrals is you don’t need to pay monthly fees to keep them, unlike rented referrals who will drain your pocket from renewal fees.

Buxp has been online for 7 years and remains one of the top PTC sites in the business. And like the other PTC sites above, this site has never missed to pay a single member. It is very stable and very reliable.

4. SCARLET-CLICKSTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +6 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.02 Click rate: $0.0005 – $0.01
Stability: 7 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 20 Cashout Threshold: $0.5 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

Scarlet-Clicks, is a typical PTC website, where you can earn money from viewing ads. Though, they have other ways to earn money from, like ScarletGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU it remains a “Bux type model”. Their programs are similar to, doing tasks, answering surveys and clicking ads. The PTSU is a Paid To Sign Up program, where you will be paid after signing up to another program they’re promoting.

They have been in this business for more than 6 years and never had an issue paying their members.

Scarlet-Clicks doesn’t promise that you will get rich if you will join them, but they will surely give you an opportunity to earn extra cash without spending a dime. However, you will only see their full potential if you can get plenty of DRs and upgrade your membership.

5. GPTPLANETTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +5 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.015 Click rate: $0.0005 – $0.002
Stability: 7 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 15 Cashout Threshold: $1 >> $2
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Average

GPTPlanet has been online for more than 5 years. It’s from the same admin of Scarlet-Clicks. When it was launched, some thought that this PTC site was created for promotional purposes to compliment her “Big sister” but it turned out as another solid PTC site. Both sites have large numbers of advertisers and both are doing pretty well financially.

You can earn money from this site through the same programs from Scarlet-Clicks like viewing ads, GPTGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU. Overall this is a solid PTC site where you can earn a few bucks per month.

Like what we have mentioned a while ago, you can earn faster from Scarlet-Clicks if you can get plenty of DRs and upgrade your membership. It’s the same with GPTPlanet, upgrading your membership will boost the referral commission from 10% to 100%. If you can do this, you’ll see that GPTPlanet and Scarlet-Clicks are good PTC Sites to Earn Money from.

6. DONKEYMAILSTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +10 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.04 Click rate: $0.0001 – $0.01
Stability: 8.5 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 100 Cashout Threshold: $0.01 – $1
Affiliate Program: 4 / 5 Above Average

DonkeyMails is another long standing PTC site, it has been online for more than 10 years with good credibility in terms of paying its members. This PTC website has tons of programs where you can earn easy money from, several examples are Reading emails, Paid2Click, Performing Tasks, Offerwalls, Paid to Promote, Paid2Signup and Get Paid to Review.

This is not a high paying PTC site, its click rate is pretty much the same as everyone else, but because they have so many ads and tasks available everyday, you can have an average daily income of at least $0.04, which is way higher than most PTC sites.

In addition, DonkeyMails has cool affiliate program where you can get commission from tier 5 referrals deep. Here’s what you can get from their 5 Level Referral Program:

  • Level 1 – 10% commission
  • Level 2 – 5% commission
  • Level 3 – 3% commission
  • Level 4 – 2% commission
  • Level 5 – 1% commission

In addition, they have unlimited referral program which compliments their affiliate program. This is good news for those who want to refer as many members as they want. These two programs work hand in hand to provide decent income.


Online: +10 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.04 Click rate: $0.0001 – $0.005
Stability: 8 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 70 Cashout Threshold: $0.1 – 1.06
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Above Average

This is one of the Top PTC Sites from MultiMoneyGroup. JillsClickCorner is DonkeyMails’ sister website, they are pretty much the same in terms of money making programs and website design. This PTC site was launched a year after DonkeyMails and they both provided many ways to earn money online.

I recommend to try their Paid To Signup program, it’s an easy way to make $1+ in few minutes by signing up to other websites.

This is a tested and proven PTC Site who passed the test of time. They’ve been here for a while without issue paying their members.

The only difference they have with DonkeyMails is they don’t have an Affiliate Program that goes 5 levels deep. You can only get 10% referral commission from your Direct referrals activity, but the good thing about them is they have very low Payout threshold, which makes it very easy to cash out. In addition, you will see more Ads if you upgraded your membership.

8. INNOCURRENTTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +5 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.20 Click rate: $0.0001 – $0.015
Stability: 8 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 20 Cashout Threshold: $5
Affiliate Program: 4.5 / 5 Above Average

InnoCurrent is one of the Highest Paying PTC Site in the business. It has been online for more than 5 years and still paying their members. This PTC Site requires members to follow specific instructions before getting credited for their work.

This website has a lot of potential and it’s providing decent pay for browsing websites. The average daily income from InnoCurrent is $0.2 which is way higher than its competitors. It is one of the very few Best PTC Sites with high pay who managed to stay in the business for many years.

What I like the most about InnoCurrent is their reward program which provides 120% commission from referrals activities without a need for membership upgrade. This PTC Site is all free, no investment needed t all. You can easily have decent income from InnoCurrent without spending a dime.

Cool Update: They doubled the earnings of their Explore Site, from 30-60 credits to 60-120 credits per website visit, which is worth $0.03. Easy task with decent Pay!

The only issue with this site is It Pays Late. This could have been easily on our top 3 but due to late payment and other complaints against them, we moved it down to rank 8.

9. AyuwageAyuwage

Online: +6 years Avg. Daily income: +/- $0.20 Click rate: up to $0.001 – $0.03
Stability: 8 / 10 Avg. ads per day: +/- 30 Cashout Threshold: $5
Affiliate Program: 3 / 5 Above Average

Ayuwage is High Paying PTC Site just like its sister site InnoCurrent. It pays higher than InnoCurrent but it has lower referral commission rate. Pretty much everything else is the same between these two.

We also moved it down to this rank due to late payment issues. It can easily be in our top 5 slot if it wasn’t for it.

10. SUPERPAYTop 10 Best PTC Sites

Online: +4 years Stability: 8 / 10
Affiliate Program: 4 / 5 Payout Wait: 24 hours

SuperPay is not a Paid To Click website but there are many reasons why we included it here.

SuperPay is a Legit Paid Survey sites which pays really quick (within 24 hours) with very low Payout Threshold of $1. It’s very easy to cash out from them so we’re sure you will love this site if you like Taking Surveys.

In addition, it is available to everyone(literally all countries) unlike most Paid survey sites that’s why we like it. They also have decent referral program which can provide passive income in the long run and many other programs to make money from.

They have available surveys everyday so it’s guaranteed that you will make extra cash from them every single day.

If you’re looking for other Legit sites where you can earn money from, check the Other Legit Sites  tab.


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